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Beijing Antai Hospital Introduce T2he technology of Water Birth and Benefit for Infant and Mother

  (Content Summary)

  Childbirth is a period of painful memory for every mother must experience. With the improvement of medical treatment and health care, the ways of childbirth also becomes diversified. Presently, water birth is a hot topic, but most prospective mothers still have many doubts about water birth. Therefore, President Fenglin Chen from Beijing Xinjing Antai Gynecology Hospital which is the first hospital to introduce water birth will answer questions about water birth from those prospective mothers. Fenglin Chen’s introduce includes the history of water birth, successful cases through water birth and advantages and cautions of water birth.

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  Science Life Weekly

  The magazine was first published in April 1998 and it is a weekly magazine about life service which is supervised by Chinese Academy of Science and sponsored by Science Times.

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  It was first published in 1993 and recorded by hundreds of key magazines, such as Data Base of China Key Magazine, Data Base of China Academy Magazine, and Statistics Magazine of Comprehensive Rational Price Data Base of China Academy Magazine. This magazine guides medical workers to do medical service practice with medical scientific theory and clinical technology and provides many medical workers with a good education opportunity and academic exchange platform.

  Beijing Star Daily

  Its predecessor is national professional Drama and Movie News which has more than 20 year’s history, and it formally changed its name and expanded the format on October 9, 2000.

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