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Vaginal birth after cesarean at Antai

  She gave birth to her 3rd daughter under the water today. The baby weighted 3.25kg. This experience has fulfilled her wish of vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC).

  She had her 1st baby at Haidian maternal and child health hospital at 28 weeks. The doctor said to her : “your pelvic is too small to give birth naturally.” so she had to have cesarean at 38 weeks.

  The doctor from Haidian maternal and child health hospital told her that she can gave birth naturally this time because her pelvic is normal. But when she was about to giving birth to her 2nd baby, the midwife didn’t agree with the outpatient doctor, and nobody can be responsible for that matter, so she had to have another cesarean.

  After being pregnant for the 3rd time, Mrs. Wang really wanted to have natural birth. So she started to visiting all over the public hospitals in Beijing, they all said she can only have cesarean and natural birth is impossible for her. Therefore, she started to look for private hospitals, all of them told her the same thing.

  She kept looking, she wouldn’t give up. One day, she found out about Beijing Antai Hospital on the internet. we promise her that she can have vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) after evaluation of 4D color ultrasound.

  She finally had vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) at Beijing Antai Hospital, there was no birth injury and labor pain because of waterbirth, there was only happiness around her.

  Her comment to us were: Beijing Antai Hospital is different from other private hospitals, there was no smell of the hospital, there was no over services and decorations. The hospital was not as crowded as the public hospitals, it is the hospital that can really treat people with scientific attitudes, it is a private hospital which can really reduce the labor pain and birth injury.

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