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Triplets at our hospital

  Mrs. Zhang was a foreign mother who has been living in china since she was a student. She decided to settle down here because of the love she has for china. She got pregnant after marriage, she had to choose hospitals on her own. She finally chose Beijing Antai Hospital after all the hospitals she has compared.

  The reason why she chose Beijing Antai Hospital is because Antai is the only hospital seek for natural birth completely and truly. It’s a private hospital with high cost performance. It is a hospital has a warm and thoughtful service, and the water-birth is one of the characteristic delivery method of gentle birth at Antai, the most important thing is that she can write and follow her own birth plan with our doctor, our medical staff served her very well to make her feel safe and comfortable. Her family could be in the delivery room with her in case she needed anything.

  So, Mrs. Zhang had gave birth to her 3rd baby naturally at Antai. She said giving birth at Antai was just like a home to her, and our medical staffs were like a family to her, she felt so familiar and she wishes us to have more and more babies.

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