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giving birth and choosing gentle birth at Beijing Antai Hospital

  Childbirth is originally a physiological process, but due to the social attribute of human itself, it leads to the excessive intervention of childbirth, which makes childbirth lose its own beauty. Beijing Antai Hospital was established in 2003, to achieve painless childbirth, our hospital advocates natural birth and has been trying our best to stop humanized and drug intervention.

  Beijing Antai Hospital advocates natural birth, and supports natural birth after c-section, natural birth of obesity, natural birth of giant baby and natural birth of breech position with no episiotomy. The family can accompany and participate in the process of humanized painless water-birth, they can choose to cut the umbilical cord to improve the happiness of the family.

  To achieve painless natural delivery, Beijing Antai Hospital have combined water-birth and hypnotic birth to reduce labor pain, shorten labor process and reduce labor injury.

  before delivery

  Education and guidance: to avoid giant baby with obstetric complications, our renowned experts will provide guidance on pregnancy health care. Our pregnancy classes are teaching pregnant women with techniques of childbirth and self-hypnosis. You are always welcome to watch our birth videos and movies.

  Examination and diagnosis: our hospital has advanced equipment such as precise 4D color ultrasound, foetoscope, long distant monitoring and electrochemical luminescence immunograh, etc.

  Preview of delivery: to avoid psychological panic, we suggest them to participate in the labor rehearsal to be familiar with the delivery environment before pregnancy.

  Preparation of vaginal dilation: to prepare a painless natural birth, we adopt vaginal dilators and breathing exercises.

  Delivery protocol: our experts are making delivery protocols to ensure a gentle delivery.

  during delivery

  Delivery method: our humanized free position of delivery methods are hypnotic birth, water-birth and celebratory birth.

  Avoiding any interventions during delivery: to avoid episiotomy, use of obstetric forceps and press of fundus of uterus, we will help mother to prepare vaginal dilation before hypnotic and water delivery.

  Very loving and patient midwife: to help with natural birth, we don’t recommend conventional use of oxytocin, and artificial rupture of fetal membrane.

  Family participate: The family can accompany and participate in the process of delivery, this will improve the happiness of the family.

  Environment of the delivery: to promote the process of delivery, the environment of the delivery room is quiet, celebratory romance, warm and natural.

  Delivery: The family can participate and cut the umbilical cord during delivery, the baby can have the breast milk earlier and the mother can hold the baby at the very beginning.


  A delivery room like home: there are star level of rest rooms just like home for mothers and babies.

  Postpartum rehabilitation: the mother and baby come back to hospital for reexamination 6 weeks later after delivery. The rehabilitation guidance help to promote postpartum rehabilitation.

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